Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner

Do you have any campaigns ready to benefit this crazy November?​

Did you know?

Data and insights company Nielsen is already pointing towards a profound shift by consumers towards e-commerce. Nielsen found in May 2020 that 65% of South Africans shopped less at physical supermarkets as a result of Covid-19 while, among existing online shoppers, 29% increased their online shopping and 21% continued as before over this period

Get ready for the craziest shopping period of the year!

There has been a significant shift from all things physical to the digital space given the Covid-19 pandemic, and this year Black Friday will be predominantly online for the whole month of November.

Many South Africans are becoming more aware of the great deals and take advantage of the pre-Christmas sales that companies are offering.

This shows that there are great opportunities that you can benefit from.

With contactless opportunities, the sky is the limit with rolling out great promotions for your target audience on various platforms.

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