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Corporate Identity

Why You need a corporate Identity?

Corporate Identity gives the customer a sense of trust. Corporate identity gives a sense of the culture or personality of the business. In creating a consistent identity, a company is ensuring that they will be recognised and remembered. A uniform corporate identity becomes instantly recognisable amongst its target audience.

If more people trust your company and brand the more you can turn them into customers/clients. 

What we can help create for your corporate stationery:

Brainspire Corprate Identity Example

Logo Design

We take an in-depth look into what your business is about. We think of what colours to use and which shapes to benefit your business the best. Associations in certain industries are carefully monitored before we design your logo.

Brainspire Logo Colour guide

Most logos should be easy to read so we use a clear font if it matches the brand target audience and personality.

Designing your logo: The process…

We will design 3 unique logos for you.

The customer will decide on the logo they prefer and can use it as it is or make some changes. Brainspire will make 2 changes to the selected logo and send all the files to the customer after the approval has been completed.

After a logo has been designed, Brainspire will start with the corporate identity to integrate the look and feel on all other corporate stationery, namely: 

  • Letterhead
  • Email signature
  • Business cards
  • and more…


Letterhead Design

Designing your letterhead, the process:

Company letterhead will be designed for the customer.
X2 changes can be made to the layout of the letterhead.

Information needed from the customer:
• Logo if we did not create it in a high resolution printable CMYK format.
• Business full name
• Company registration number
• Postal and physical address
• Email
• Website
• Vat registration number (if applicable)
• Contact numbers

What we supply you our client with

PNG high resolution header and footer to place in a document like Word.
Setup of the Word document already configured for the customers perusal.

Email Signatures

Designing your email signatures: The process…

We create brand aligned email signatures for you to add to your email.
Email signature will be designed for the customer.
X2 Changes can be made to the layout of the signature

We also create custom links for your social media icons or a link that can direct users to your website or other online platforms.
What Brainspire will need
• Name
• Surname
• Designation/job title
• Contact numbers
• Company logo if Brainspire did not create it.
• Website
• Email address
• Address (not applicable to everyone)
• All social media links or links the customer would like to add to the signature

What we supply our client with

PNG high resolution email signature,

JPEG Signature file

Example signature to paste into settings that are already linked to URLs and assistance 

Business Card Design

Designing your business card: The process…

We will provide our customers with double sided business card artwork

What Brainspire will need:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Designation/job title
  • Contact numbers
  • Company logo if Brainspire did not create it.
  • Website
  • Email address

What we supply our client with

1. Open artwork so that you can make changes to details and not have to redo all the artwork
2. High resolution print ready files to send to a printing company with bleed lines
3. Jpeg
4. PDF

Get in touch with us regarding different options for your business card printing

Business Card - Anderbolt Brainspire business card business card design 

A business card can be so much more than just a bit of paper with your contact information printed on it. If designed creatively, it can be an amazing conversation starter. This is why it’s important to consider all the different business card finishes and coatings that are available:

Our cards are printed on 350 gsm paper

  • Express Cards are plain cards with no lamination or any protective finish.

  • Matt or gloss lamination. Matte or glossy coating is one of the most common finishes for business cards. Because of the protective finish, they’re far less likely to wear out (or fade).

  • Velvet lamination is a matt finish but with a very velvet smooth finish that is great to the touch – Definitely one of our favourite choices that won’t break the bank.

  • Pearl paper. Give you business card a pearly glossy paper to grab the attention of your next client or customer. Nice for a white card.

  • Foiling is another popular finish that adds a touch of elegance to your business card. It’s not cheap, but it’s a good way to make certain elements of your business card stand out, such as your logo.

  • A spot UV (or varnish) finish makes a section of your business card pop out slightly, so it’s raised from the rest of the card. This allows you to choose a focal point for the business card that you want your recipients to notice more than the rest, such as a logo.

  • Scodex Lamination. Scodix is a print finish that adds a luxury effect to your printing. It is a digital enhancer, which can be printed on top of an image after lamination.

  • Embossing is done by pushing on a section of the business card to raise the desired object on the other side. The opposite can be done as well if you wish to deboss a part of your business card. Something to keep in mind when you emboss a section of your business card is that it will have a debossing effect on the other side of the card. This can sometimes be a problem if you’re planning to use both sides.

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